The Hive Topper™

A New innovation in Hive ventilation

The Hive Topper™

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How It Works

Removes Winter Moisture

Moist air moves up into a bed of wood chips and is removed out of the hive through the screened vent holes without causing a draft.  Works 24/7 all winter long

Cools in the Summer

Ventilates the hive in the hot summer months.  Chips are removed in the summer and The Hive Toppers is flipped and placed on top of the inner cover.  Ventilation without a top entrance reduces robbing.

Removes Feeding Moisture

Use above the feeder on top of the inner cover and The Hive Topper removes moisture from the hive while feeding.  Keeps the hive dry .

Where to Buy

Buy The Hive Topper™ from these Bee Supply Houses

Bella's Bee Supply

Xenia, OH


My Bee Supply 

Mount Vernon, OH


Simpsons Bee Supply

Danville, OH